Sometime ago, on a pleasant morning I left Bangalore for Delhi. I had a laptop, camping gear, minimal cooking gear, maps and three changes of clothes.

My destination was Tibet. My plan was to take a bus from Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal and then seek permission to enter Tibet from Nepal side. I didn’t really have much of a plan beyond that. I thought of doing some jobs to support myself during the journey.

Three weeks later, I found myself in Zanskar, Leh in Jammu & Kashmir, more fit than I’d ever been or would ever be again. I met a family there. They invited me to stay with them in their house. I accepted.

I never made it to Tibet. I set off for Tibet to learn and explore. And the Himalayas did teach me. And now I am leaving Himalayas. I don’t know when I’ll be back. The people and the memories seem ethereal, like it never happened and leaving here would be like waking up. The departure feels permanent.

I’ve formed close bonds with mountains, my students and great friends. Then, suddenly, one day, I disappear. It feels odd. It feels like I’m losing something. It’s addictive to live here. Most days are new and fresh

But I have to come back here. I have learned a lot after coming here. I have learned to how to be a teacher, to live outside my comfort zone, to face fears etc . But I have to learn more. And I haven’t explored Himalayas enough. I know what I’ve experienced is priceless, but I have to experience more.

I’ll leave here the same way arrived - scared and excited! But I am a different person now.

Thanks a lot Himalayas.