My Resolutions for 2014


People - who I really cared about - leaving me, illness, financially broke, depression - these were the highlights of my life in 2013. I was really sick in most part of 2013. Sometimes I used to have this pain on my chest that made me puke. Then there was this neck pain combined with headache that made me wanna bang my head right onto the wall. But the real killer was sleeplessness at nights. It even made me to think into suicide. But somehow I managed to hold on.

I tried to concentrate on programming to escape from pain. It helped me to some extend. But it was like cyclical. After some time the pain would come back. There were hacker news thread on which people asked for advice to get out of depression. That too helped to some extend. I began exercising. I went to the Himalayas and tried meditation there. But still, I am having this pain which I really don’t know how to cure.


I know my life is not going to be easy. I know my life is pretty much fucked up. I know I don’t have a proper job or money sitting in my bank account. But I want to end all this. I really do. No matter what is coming on my way, I am going to fight it. I have to get out of this somehow.

I was never fond of New Year Resolutions. I’ve seen people putting up their resolutions online. But that was not for me. But I’m going to change that today. I am going to have some resolutions and I’m putting them online. So here is how I’m going to turn out 2014 for me.


Exercise was the one thing that helped me a lot in 2013. I ran whenever I could last year. When I felt tired, I walked. I walked a lot of distance when I was in Himachal last year. Walking and running gave me new senses and I felt I was close to the nature more. So this year I am going to continue running with a more strict schedule and more distance.

Eat Healthily

I want to become fit. I am not that fat, but not skinny either. But I want to become fit. I want to run more and more. And I know proper diet is the only thing that is going to help me. I will create a proper diet for me this year and will follow it.

Master Javascript

I love writing software using Javascript. But I always feel I need to learn a ton things more about it. I know mastering Javascript is hard. But I want to learn more about it. I want to learn more about JS MVCs like Backbone, Ember and front tools like Grunt, Saas etc. I want to develop a better workflow using tools like Yeoman and finally learn more about Node.js and its popular web development framework ExpressJS.

An App per Week

I was very much inspired by Jennifer’s effort to become a web developer - I want to do something similar. So in 2014, I am going to make one Web/Mobile application in a week. It can be anything but with a condition that - I will learn something new in each project.

Make Wealth

I am never motivated by money. But I believe right amount of wealth will bring me freedom to do what I love in my life. I am not a highly qualified person. But I love this craft - programming and with the help of that, I’m going to launch my startup in 2014. Startups, I believe, are the only way for people like me to make wealth. I know its not going to be easy. But as I said in the beginning, I am determined to do it.

Write Something

I’ve read at many places about the importance of writing. So this year, I am going to write at-least two blog posts in a month. It can be about anything - technology I’ve learned, a cool thing I’ve discovered, about my projects etc.

Learn to speak and write English fluently

I am not a native English speaker. You should’ve noticed it by now. English has been a real pain for me for years. I missed a lot of opportunities in the past due to my rusty skills in English. This year, I am going to learn speaking English in a good ascent and pick up good writing skills too.

Own less stuff

I already live with a minimal amount of stuff. But I want to get rid of more things from my life so that all the stuff I own can be easily packed into a rucksack. For example, I am going to remove smart phones or better, mobile phones, from my life.

Read More Books

I love to read books. But there are plenty more I want to read. Fiction or Non-fiction, I am going to read and finish most of the books in my wish-list in 2014.

See Mount Everest

I love the Himalayas. Last year I was able to trek and see the Dauladhar range of the Himalayas. This year, if weather is fine, I am going to do the Everest Base Camp trek and see my favorite mountain.